Lord Montgomery Vaine

The Richest Lord In Averius


Name: Lord Montgomery vaine

Age: 52

Race: Human


“Cunning, Family, Wealth.” The words engraved on the Vaine family crest. These are the words that Montgomery lived by for most of his life, born to a rich father. Who traded in silk and spice, it is only natural that Montgomery picked up the skills of the trade from his father. His father was not the best tutor to teach the child to be “kind” or “gentle”. Instead showing the boy how to plot, scheme, make deals, blackmail. These skills are ones that the now lord Vaine took in his stride.

Using his keen mind for trade, for people and for money. He set about creating one of the largest trading company’s in the known world, at first a small delivery service, soon a spice and silk trade through many agreements between himself, Hei’Yong and Ghabar tradesman. Once he had his plans set in motion, everything went rather smoothly. He was rich beyond compare. Always improving the company, always pushing forward with the advances each year. Adapting, crushing his opposition through wit and cunning. He was in his element…. That is. Until the so called revolutionary’s happened. Riled into a blood frenzy many attacked the lords and rich, self proclaimed fighters for freedom in his eyes, they stole, looted, burned and attacked the stock houses that held most of his stock. His wife, was killed in the attacks. Child still inside of her.

It was the darkest most terrible time in his life. At once much less wealthy of gold…and family.

After allowing himself to spiral in despair an old flame re entered his life….a commoner, from the south. The one who, years before gave birth to his child, charlie. She convinced him after finding him within a bar that he shouldn’t give up on his trade. That the new climate would be better for it. And so a talk with an old flame now moved on…and with a cheap cup of wine in hand. He began to plan.

Years later he had rebuilt his trade and then some, now one of the richest men in the kingdoms. Powerful, influential and with the purchased title of lord. He began to become more involved in the courts, the new systems allowing him deeper within the intrigue and politics of the grand city of Averius. When there…he found one of the so called revolutionaries that stormed his estate on the council…but that’s nothing that a little bit of cunning, wine and poison couldn’t solve. Watching the murderer choke he sipped his own wine and held out his glass in respect to the goddess of pleasures. And so… with his new heir in toe. Picked up from his mother and ready to be groomed to one day take over the Vaine estate…. he plans once more.

Likes: Money, Trade deals, Dancers, Singers, Fencing, Watching Jousting, His family, Strength, Cunning, Good food, Good wine.

Dislikes: So called revolutionaries, People who believe themselves infallible, Dumb people.

Fears: To lose his only heir and to have no one to pass his trades and fortune onto.

Dreams: To become the richest man in the kingdoms….and rub it in that damned magpies face. For his heir to be happy, married and rich.

Lord Montgomery Vaine

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