Sebastian Celes'Ciel


Name: Sebastian Celas’ciel

Age: 46

Race: Atavian


Sebastian Celas’ciel has a strange past. Unlike many of the richer members of society within Averius Sebastian also known as “the magpie” was among one of its poorest upon entering the country. After the genocidal actions of the rajamalan warchief known as lirik von’ripide laying siege with the combined armies of the Blackclaw tribe’s banner. A foul alliance of traitors and war bands from many of the races of the land, along with darker things at work. He lost almost everything. That is aside from his jewel, his angel. Aurielle Celas’ciel, a white wing whom he fought to gain the right to marry. Using his contacts, the magpie of Averius managed to escape the blackclaw tribes leaders clutches. That of the foul Raja Lirik Von’riphide.

The two fled the country after being forced to watch…and partake in the vile acts committed by the Raja. To a new life, in the white city of Averius. Once there, with only 1 gold coin and 3 glass balls in his pocket, the magpie set to using his talents. Within 3 months he had set up a jewel trade within the city using his natural talents, to rival the best of them. Within a year, he was one of the richest people in the country…now…he is much much more wealthy. All for his beautiful dove, Aurielle. He could not bear to see her in a squalor…she could only have what was befitting of a high born white wing, heir to the status she was. Within no time the jewel trade of Averius was his, he got the name of the magpie of Averius and himself and Aurielle settled to have their first child. This child would become “Elena Celas’ciel” a young white winged child who sadly fell ill. After losing their second child soon after in an accident when travelling between countries the two became sullen. With their first born ill even from so young…their second lost to the seas. They were in a less that perfect situation. Hiring the best doctors he could, Sebastian managed to find a man who could cure Elena of her ailment. Though sadly…soon after the jewel of his life, his wife. Passed from the world.

His daughter soon after joined the church leaving him to run his trade alone, as the sole Celas’ciel for the time being.

Likes: Jewels, Stones, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper, Money, Trade deals, Bartering, Haggling, His daughter, Flying, Beautiful jewelry (usually his own), His daughters baking, Scones, the harp, The trumpet, Socializing, his new home.

Dislikes: Swindlers, Lack of any of the above, His daughters minor rage, His daughter not being married yet, Lack of heirs, Non pre approved suitors, Looking tacky, Cheap things, Rajamalan, Brutes, rude people.

Fears: Becoming poor, Leaving his daughter alone, Raja, His daughter dying before him.

Dreams: To create a fortune for his line so that they may always live in luxury, His wife being returned to him once more. His daughter being happy and settling down with an appropriate man.

Sebastian Celes'Ciel

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