Genesis Of The New Gods - The Fall Of The Ancients

The old god, the ancient one, the end bringer. This old creature has gone by many names through the years still known and more still lost. What we know of this being is that it heralds the end of times for our world. If released again upon this world, able to gather the parts of himself back together, it will spell the end of us all.

But before that, What is Maladictus?

An ancient being of immense power, one of the first three gods to reside in our world after its creation. An oppressive and evil force that wishes to rule over all of us and control all of the souls within our realm for its own dark purpose.

Many of the legends state that he is one of the original 3 gods of the world, before the one we now live in. When it was still whole and not hollow as it is now. He was said to be the embodiment of death, war, fear and disease. The harvester of souls and terror, the father of demons. within war his powers would soar and his hunger would be sated for a time. But the end bringer, never did enjoy being one of 3 gods. He despised his brother and sister who soared above the world overseeing and creating whatever they pleased. And so he devised a plot. A plot To dethrone the other 2 gods and take their powers for himself, if he was the only one in control, then he would be able to create what he wanted. Destroy what he wanted. No one could stop him from doing as he wished, be it soar through the skies and create life or rain destruction upon his creations. There does after all have to be balance.

Maladictus plot began. He summoned to the world unbeknownst to the other 2 gods, Tempus and Caritas. A colossal creature, the world breaker dragon. The one who hollowed the very world we now live in today.

The gods fought back to protect their realm along with the heroes of the world they had created, blessing them with power to aide them. Together they defeated the colossal beast. But as the gods retreated to recover their power, Maladictus struck. He killed his siblings whilst they recovered from their battle, the powers of the world returned to the next rightful holder of power. Maladictus. Now with the powers of both old gods inside of him Maladictus began to change, into a perfect god. One with all the powers of creation and destruction in its grasp. But he made one fatal error.

The Colossal creature known as the world breaker and its children Khaleth the black, Bassilth the metallic and Valstrath the white , had left the world ashen and desecrated . The Dragons breath had burnt away what life was, aside from the 13 heroes. Looking across their now lifeless planet. They almost lost hope. But with the conviction of heroes that would cast a large shadow over any we have today. They decided to do the impossible. To slay a god with mortal hands. And So they sought out the remaining artifacts within the world, each grouping into three as they rushed to find ways to deal with the old god before his power was fully realised.
It was a difficult battle that was written to have lasted for 7 days and nights without a pause. But by the end, the heroes managed to weaken the great being. Though there was a price to pay. For how do you kill something that cannot die? The solution came from Seras the black himself, the now legendary killer, the betrayer.

As the remaining 9 stood panting, no time to grieve over the loss of their allies obliterated by the old god, all injured heavily and without a hope to win the battle. Seras walked to Navirra, the one whom he and Solomon loved above all else and drove his dagger through her heart. As his own heart turned to ash from the act and Solomon desperately tried to save her life, betrayed and in shock.

The old god knew the soul would be enough to give him the power needed to dispose of the intruders. But this is just what Seras had counted on. A moment in which a soul hung in the balance….a moment in which the deathless could be killed in return for a powerful and beloved soul. A sacrifice. Just as he had been told by the prophet, to never speak of. But the prophet surely knew better. Why else would she have told the most black hearted of all their group.

As the old god prepared to feast on the soul it presented a moment of weakness. Seras struck a fatal blow with his own sword “Torment”, a blade made from the bones of the world breaker and brother to Solomon’s own blade “Mercy” which blackened at his act of betrayal.

As the creature reeled from the blow, Solomon struck his own in grief and fury further weakening the dying creature. The remaining 6 who would ascend to become the new gods combined their powers to seal the beast within the center of the hollowed world, to stay there as it’s slow death took the creature over the hundreds, thousands of years. They separated the creature’s heart, eyes, soul, flesh and bones which were sealed within the world, separated. They would take its powers for their own and allow their world to be born anew. After the ancient right was complete, the power of the ancient god was placed in Gromm’s hands. The most balanced, he chose the gods for their roles. Including the soul of Navirra as the new goddess of death as she was within its cold embrace. In a state of limbo between life and death. With no god of death to take her soul, but none of life to restore it. She lay in agony as her pierced heart wept in pain and betrayal.

As her dying breaths were taken, Solomon vowed revenge for the betrayal. To this day it’s unknown if such a thing has been taken.

Gromm formed the new pantheon of the gods as such:

Solaria who had brought life and ended the suffering of many throughout their battles, the gentle hearted and merciful lady of light. Who had even forsaken her love in order to see her duty through was to become the goddess of life. She would bring life and light to the world.

Cyrena, sister of solaria was to become the goddess of Nature. She who had wielded the very power of the spirits of land and the elements themselves. Who fought against those who sought to destroy the world with everything it would supply her. Together the sisters would make the world anew and bring life to its creatures and its lands.

Lodrak the scholar would ascend to become the god of knowledge and the arcane, he whose knowledge outshone all who remained. Whose magical ability, though third behind the fallen Apollyon the first Arcanus and his sister Ashala the prophet. Was the remaining member who knew how to weave the outside forces of the realm. He would bring, knowledge and education to the world.

Krath who was the fiercest of all warriors throughout their many battles with the old gods forces, the world breaker and his children. Was to ascend as the fearless and strong god of war. He would bring conflict and honor to the world. For there must always be a balance.

Ophelia, whose beauty and song aided the heroes in overcoming their ordeal. Her passion and art shaking their very souls and warming their spirits in their time of need. Would become the goddess of pleasures. Bringing the arts, pleasures and passion to the world.

Navirra who had wielded the old gods own powers against him, the one who corrupted her very soul to help counter the forces thrown their way. The one who died to see their victory. Would become the new goddess of death. She would bring death, peace and darkness to the world.

Grom took the responsibility after dealing out the powers of the gods to become the god of balance. The one who would oversee the gods pantheon and ensure that each played their role. To make sure that there would be both good and bad, chaos and order. Dark and light. A large responsibility that he took upon himself.

Finally, as the powers had been dealt out, Grom looked upon the remaining 2 survivors of the old world. There, he looked upon them as he passed their judgement as the holy judge he had become. “Seras” he spoke, with an authority that shook the very land. “For your black hearted deeds, i curse your name. Your heart shall turn to ash. Blackened as it is by your acts. Though your deeds were done with the greater good in mind. A betrayal such as that. Shall never be forgotten. Nor forgiven. As a reward for your aide in this battle and as an ally throughout our struggle. You will be gifted immortality. You will roam this world eternally watching it as it grows. You and your name will serve the goddess of death until the end of time itself.”

Grom finally looked upon his final ally, the great Solomon. Who looked up at his friend with the eyes of a man driven to revenge. One driven by grief. “Solomon, you are an ally, a hero, a friend.” said the god of order in a less earth shaking voice. “But your heart is too driven to revenge. For this i can gift you immortality. But i cannot allow you to become one of us. You would abuse your power to achieve your revenge. I will not see those who were once as brothers not on equal ground. You are gifted immortality. I only hope you may help guide the new people of this world to do better than ours. You were always a great hero. From now on you will be legend. When the day comes that your heart finally lets go of its need for revenge. Perhaps we shall meet again. Goodbye friend.”

With this the old god was sealed away to die it’s slow torturous death. The world was restored. But some say…that Maladictus still lies in the center of the world even today. Planning, plotting and awaiting the day in which his grand plans can once again take their next step. Whilst he lay in torment and agony. You see…what he managed to do was only the first of a few finishing steps. Some say that there are worshipers of Maladictus who meet in secret societies to worship the end bringer still are present even today. Those who believe his plans were to create a better world. One ruled by the one god. One to rule over them all and ensure his will be taken as an absolute.

The being known as Maladictus is nothing to be scoffed at, some say that the darkness still present in man’s heart, is his way of still exerting control over those living even after our world was reborn.

The dying god who was once deathless, may one day seek his vengeance.

Genesis Of The New Gods - The Fall Of The Ancients

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